It is no secret that the food we eat has direct influence on our health, including our reproductive system and hormonal balance. Women need healthy ovaries and a regular menstrual cycle in order to conceive easily, which can be achieved by following a healthy diet.

There are some foods that are particularly beneficial for women who are trying to get pregnant – so let’s take a look at what you should be eating if you are dreaming of holding your little bundle of joy by the end of the year.


Oysters are not only a great aphrodisiac (which is undoubtedly another reason they are helpful when trying for a baby), but they are high in zinc, a  micro-element that is crucial for women’s reproductive health: it will help you produce good quality eggs and regulate your menstrual cycle.

Oysters are often eaten raw, but if you prefer them cooked, try surprising your husband with an oyster gratin, a delicious dish that is just as beneficial to him as it is to you!

2.Olive oil

Regularly consuming olive has a host of health benefits. No wonder that people in Mediterranean countries who eat it on a daily basis are known for living long and healthy lives.

It is good for your skin, hair and digestive system, and it also contains “good fat” essential to the proper functioning of your ovaries. Put extra virgin olive oil in your pasta dishes and salads and your body will thank you!


Spinach is high in iron, which promotes egg health and regular ovulation, making you more fertile. Of course, you could also get your iron from meat, but spinach is a great (and tasty!) option for vegetarians as well as omnivores.



One word: antioxidants.

Keep your eggs in tip top shape by starting your day with an antioxidant-rich blueberry smoothie. It will also make you look and feel amazing! Actually, it’s a good idea to eat as much blueberries as you can, even when you are not trying to get pregnant, to keep your eggs young and healthy for when you will be ready to start a family.

If you can’t easily stock up on blueberries, you can get your dose of antioxidants by eating other berries, like strawberries or raspberries.

5.Anything Organic

Not a specific food, but super important, especially if you are struggling with getting pregnant.

Organic food might be costly, but it is well worth the price if you consider that chemicals in non-organic produce, meat and dairy can disrupt your hormonal balance and sabotage your body’s ability to conceive a child and carry the pregnancy to term.

And, of course, in addition to a balanced and healthy diet, be sure to also regularly take a good multivitamin complex and start taking folic acid every day at least 3 months before starting to try for a baby in order to avoid neural tube defects like spina bifida.

Good luck on your conception journey!


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