For many of the to-be moms, the journey of their motherhood starts with a great ‘ooh’ as soon as the pregnancy test is positive.

What constitutes the first ‘aah ‘ differs for every mother.

For many it is the first aah of nausea and throwing up while some many experience the aah of extreme fatigue.

3 most common oohs and aaahs an expectant mom goes through

In this post we will go through the 3 most common complaints that a soon-to-be mom goes through and how to answer these!


Though with a 80% incidence this is one of the  most unwelcome aah of a pregnancy. Many moms-to-be simply dread any smell,literally every smell because it is enough to awaken their gag reflexes instantly.

    • Wait this aah might not be that bad after all.

Research suggests that nausea and vomiting of pregnancy is a physiological mechanism to protect the baby from harmful food ingredients.¹

    • What to do

 Experts are of the view that due to the adverse effects of chemical drugs on fetal well being , complement therapies are more favourable in dealing with the nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy.

The most advocated therapy is none other than ginger!

    • Ginger a remedy at home!

 Research suggests that ginger² has compounds like 6-gingerol which have anti emetic properties. Moreover no serious side effects have been observed with this remedy !

So why not enjoy this special remedy in a ginger cookie  or ginger tea?

    • When to be alarmed and get help
    • If you feel dizzy and weak due to your nausea and vomiting
    • If you have a black out
    • If you are unable to perform your daily tasks
    • If you lose weight really fast and unable to eat even a few spoonfuls due to your vomiting
    • If this aah becomes literally unbearable!


About 50% of pregnant women have a backache at some point of their pregnancy. Back again present as pelvic girdle pain or lumbar back pain.

Moreover back pain is the leading cause of sick leave after delivery³.

    • So how to make one’s life easier with this backache?

Identify what aggravates and what relieves your backache. Backache of moderate-intensity in the early pregnancy is attributed to the stretching of ligaments due to an enlarging uterus.

Consult your doctor and engage in light exercises throughout pregnancy

-Maintain a good posture

-Use a stiff bed

-Use a pregnancy pillow for back support and knee support during laying down and otherwise.

    • When to be alarmed and get help

-if the back ache is of a very severe intensity

-If it is accompanied by burning micturition

-If it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding

-If it is sudden and not relieved by usual remedies and medications


Fatigue or ‘want to rest phenomenon’ is also pretty common in the first trimester. According to a research the incidence of this pregnancy related complaint  goes to around 78%.⁴  A pregnant woman may find herself always wanting to rest or too tired to complete her daily chores. Many women feel guilty about this and may go on working and ignoring their inner call    for going easy.

    • What is the reason of first-trimester fatigue?

Apart from the body adjusting to grow a new life inside it, sometimes the fatigue is a result of anemia.  ·

    • Anemia Anemia is caused by a low hemoglobin level , the substance responsible to carry oxygen in blood. Some other symptoms of anemia may be:


-Pale skin


    • What to do?

If a woman has constant symptoms of tiredness which donot improve by resting and eating well then she should consult her doctor and her doctor can get a simple test to know if she has anemia. ·

    • How to manage Fatigue ? 

–        Increase your resting time and go easy on yourself. 

–        Eat a well balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates protein and fats.

 –        Take your prenatal vitamins. 

–        Sleep well

–        Drink plenty of fluids. 

–        Add fruits and veggies to your diet. 

–        Cut out alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.


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